Alan Pickering’s Statistics Teaching Information


The whole course is divided into four 5-week sections. See below for more details:-


Weeks 1-5

Review of Basic Stats Concepts and Techniques


Recommended Text: D.C.Howell (2006). Statistical Methods for Psychology (6th Edition). London: Thomson.

The earlier 3rd - 5th editions are fine too.

Click here for the publisher’s electronic catalogue containing Howell’s book. You will have to search it to get the actual book details. ***20% discount code: EUHOWELL20***

       Click here for D.C.Howell’s very useful own website.


Weeks 6-10

Selected Multivariate Statistical Techniques


Recommended Text: B.G.Tabachnick & L.S.Fidell (2001). Using Multivariate Statistics (4th Edition). New York: Allyn & Bacon.

The earlier 3rd Edition is fine too.

There is also a very useful (£9.99) paperback SPSS workbook to accompany the main text:

S.J.Osterlind & B.G. Tabachnick (2001). SPSS for Windows Workbook to Accompany Using Multivariate Statistics Fourth Edition. New York: Allyn & Bacon. (ISBN: 0-205-32784-2)


Weeks 11-15

General Linear Model Techniques: (M)AN(C)OVA


Recommended Text: Either Howell or Tabachnick and Fidell


Weeks 16-20

Miscellaneous Advanced and Non-Standard Topics


No one text covers all these adequately; some things are in Howell; some in T&F; see also individual references



Click below for some revision materials:-



Sample Exam Questions for various topics (including model answers)

Coursework Assessments