It’s true! I am shortly to stop setting puzzle caches.

However, I thought I’d go out with a final series of varied puzzles which will lie on or close to a circular walk of around 7km.


The puzzles are:

Avoiding redundancy

Stepping down from the shoulders of giants (dummy coords are a possible parking spot on the circuit)

Order from chaos

Out of the frying pan

A mega-puzzle of many parts

Four letter words

C is for clue --- doh!

Die Traumdeutung

My last puzzle


There are some of my other puzzles near the circuit as well

Two Hans Cache

Two Hans 3

Look Hyperactive

Milton Street

Dorking By Numbers 1 (dummy coords are another possible parking spot on the circuit)

Dorking by Numbers 2


Plus a “Screen Stars” puzzle and one of my “Cricket Clubs in Surrey” series can be collected en route.


A couple of excellent puzzles by Nanny Ogg also lie nearby

X Marks the Spot 95