Miscellaneous Techniques 2008-9

Last Updated 16th March 2009


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Week 16 -- Power Calculations and Sample Size Determination

Lecture Overheads (PDF [.pdf] file)

SPSS Worksheet 16 (Word [.doc] file)*

SPSS Dataset 16 (SPSS [.sav] file)

SPSS Syntax 16 (SPSS [.sps] file)

GPower: Web Link

*Paper associated with SPSS worksheet (PDF [.pdf] file)


**(APís lecture notes from previous years PDF [.pdf] file)


Week 17 -- Classical Test Theory (including Reliability and Internal Consistency)

Lecture Overheads: (PDF [.pdf] file) *** This handout has been updated (02/03/09)

Course Notes (Word [.doc] file) ***This is needed to go with the SPSS Worksheet

SPSS Worksheet 17 (Word [.doc] file)

SPSS Dataset 17 (SPSS [.sav] file)

**(APís course notes from previous years Word [.doc] file Ė very similar to course notes above)


Week 18 -- Treating Correlations and (Regression Coefficients) as Data

Lecture Overheads (PDF [.pdf] file)

SPSS Worksheet 18 (Word [.doc] file)

SPSS Dataset 18 (SPSS [.sav] file)

SPSS Syntax 18 (SPSS [.sps] file)

Special Computer Programme (DOS [.exe] file)


***Course Notes from previous years:

      (Word [.doc] file 350kb) and accompanying dataset (SPSS [.sav] file)***


Week 19 -- Nonparametric and Resampling Methods

Lecture Overheads (PDF [.pdf] file)

SPSS Worksheet 19 (Word [.doc] file)*

SPSS Dataset 19 (SPSS [.sav] file)


*Paper associated with SPSS Worksheet 19 (PDF [.pdf] file)


***Programme and associated files for the computer class

Special Computer Programme (chires2A) (DOS [.exe] file)

(Accompanying batch file (DOS [.bat] file)) *this must be in same directory as chires2A

Accompanying data file (Text [.txt] file) *needs to be located in c:\chi


***Course Notes from previous years:

Lecture overheads (PowerPoint [.ppt] file)

Accompanying course notes (Word [.doc] file)




***Original programme (chires2), requires administrator rights on host computer

Special Computer Programme (chires2) (DOS [.exe] file)

Accompanying data file (Text [.txt] file) *needs to be located in c:\ directory



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