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Outline map of parishes of Hammersmith, Middlesex in 1903

Click on a parish name for creation date and location of registers of parishes. For clearer display or print, see map in pdf format.

Outline map of parishes of Hammersmith
1 St Luke, Uxbridge Road
2 St Stephen, Uxbridge Road
3 St Saviour, Cobbold Road (partly within the County of London)
4 St Mary, Stamford Brook
5 St Thomas, Godolphin Road, Shepherds Bush
6 St Peter, Black Lion Lane, West Hammersmith
7 Holy Innocents, Dalling Road
8 St John the Evangelist, Glenthorn Road
9 St Simon, Rockley Road, West Kensington
10 St Matthew, Sinclair Road, West Kensington Park
11 Hammersmith, St Paul, Broadway
S.B. is Shepherd's Bush Green, at bottom of parish 2.
Roads named outside the parishes are continued as dotted lines within the parishes; Great West Road (which is now Chiswick High Road)as King Street, and Hammersmith Road.

Parish boundaries traced from "A map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the County of London, 1903" published by Edward Stanford of London, reprinted as a facsimile by the London Topographical Society. List from that map is of parishes within the rural deanery of Hammersmith in 1903; they were all sub-divisions of the historic parish of Hammersmith. They are in the Archdeaconry of London, and Diocese of London. We have a list of other deaneries.

Map and list by David Hawgood. 2003, page modified 2 Feb 2004