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Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"HENDON, a parish and suburban village in the hundred of Gore, county Middlesex, 3 miles N.W. of Hampstead, and 8 N.W. of St. Paul's. It is situated on Watling Street, near the river Brent, over which a new bridge has been erected, and contains the hamlets of Golder's Green, Brent Street, Page Street, Highwood, and the village of Mill Hill. " (There is more of this description).

"CHURCH END (HENDON), a hamlet in the parish of Hendon, in the county of Middlesex. Here formerly stood a seat of the abbots of Westminster."

"GOLDER'S GREEN, a hamlet in the parish of Hendon, hundred of Gore, county Middlesex, 1 mile N.W. of Hampstead, and 6 miles from St. Paul's, London. A head stream of the river Brent flows through the hamlet. There are several detached villas surrounded by pleasant gardens."

"NEASDEN, (or Neasdon) a hamlet in the parish of Hendon, county Middlesex, 3 miles W. of Hampstead. It was the ancient seat of the Attewood family, and was purchased by the Nicholls, who have rebuilt the mansion.

Description(s) from "The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland" (1868), transcribed by Colin Hinson 2003; intended for personal use only, so please respect the conditions of use.

Jewish Records

In 1897 the Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery was opened. An account of some notable people buried there is given by Paul Van der Hulks in 'An old Jewish cemetery in London' Shemot Volume 21, No. 1, p.32-34.


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