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Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"INNS OF COURT, . These are places in Holborn inhabited by members of the legal profession. The principal of them are, the Temple (consisting of the Inner and Middle Temple), Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn." (There is more of this description).

"CLIFFORD'S INN, an extra-parochial place, in London, in the county of Middlesex. [Clifford's Inn Passage runs North from Fleet Street, just East of Chancery Lane.]"

"FURNIVAL'S INN, a parish in the borough of Finsbury, city of London, county Middlesex. [Not on 2003 map; it was North of High Holborn, between Leather Lane and Brook Street.]"

"STAPLE INN, an extra parochial place in the City of London Without , county Middlesex. [1888 map shows Staple Inn on South side of High Holborn, opposite Grays Inn Road; 2003 map shows Staple Inn Buildings there.]"

"THAVIES-INN, an extra parochial place in the city of London-Without , county Middlesex. [Immediately South of Holborn Circus.]"

Description(s) from "The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland" (1868), transcribed by Colin Hinson 2003; intended for personal use only, so please respect the conditions of use.


Links to maps of the Inns of Court. They are all in a small area of Holborn; the map links fall close to all of them, see descriptions above which indicate the modern streets on or near their sites.


The Inner Temple Admissions Database provides "biographical information about past members of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple" admitted between 1547 and 1850. "The Inner Temple's members have included courtiers, politicians, writers, adventurers and overseas students, as well as barristers and the judiciary."

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