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Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"ROLLS LIBERTY, an extra parochial place in the Holborn division of Ossulstone hundred, county Middlesex, half a mile W. of St. Paul's, London. It contains the Rolls Court, with chapel, and a large block of building forming one side of the Record Repository. "

Description(s) from "The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland" (1868), transcribed by Colin Hinson 2003; intended for personal use only, so please respect the conditions of use.

The first record of a building on the site was in 1232. In 1377 it became the Rolls Estate. The chapel was both a place of worship - initially for former Jews converted to Christianity - and also a place where records (rolls) were kept. The medieval chapel was demolished in 1895 and a new chapel was built within the new Public Record Office. The chapel retains a few monuments and some stained glass from the former building. The former Public Record Office building in Chancery Lane is now the Maughan Library and Information Services Centre of King's College London. The former Rolls Chapel is now the Weston Room, used for exhibitions and meetings.

A history of the chapel is given in a description of places associated with Bishop Joseph Butler.


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