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Church Records

Anglican churches in Westminster in 1890/1905 has some information on this church.

Description and Travel

Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"SAVOY, Precinct of the Queen's Chapel., part of the site of Savoy Palace. [Entry in 1868 gazetteer is under Duchy of Lancaster.]"

"DUCHY OF LANCASTER, a liberty to the W. of the city of London , county Middlesex, comprising that portion of the metropolis known as St. Clement Danes, St. Mary-le-Strand, and the Savoy, which occupies the site of the palace of the earls and dukes of Lancaster. See also Savoy. ["The London Encyclopaedia" of 1993 says the Duchy of Lancaster is a collection of estates, spread all over England, a private property of the sovereign. Part of the former site of Savoy Palace is still owned by the Duchy of Lancaster. The office of the Duchy of Lancaster is in Lancaster Place, which leads onto Waterloo Bridge.]

Description(s) from "The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland" (1868), transcribed by Colin Hinson 2003; intended for personal use only, so please respect the conditions of use.

Church History

The Duchy of Lancaster has short history of the Chapel Royal.


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