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Shoreditch Shoreditch

Outline map of parishes of Shoreditch, Middlesex in 1903

Click on a parish name for a fuller description of the parish. Its grid reference and link to a modern street map will be added later. For clearer display or print, see map in pdf format.

Outline map of parishes of Shoreditch
1 Holy Trinity, Shepherdess Walk, Hoxton
2 Christ Church, New North Road, , Hoxton
3 St Saviour, Penn Street, Hoxton
4 St Anne, Hemsworth Street, Hoxton
5 St Andrew, Canal Road, Hoxton
6 All Saints, Livermere Road, Haggerston
7 St Paul, Broke Road, Haggerston
8 St Mary, Britannia Street, Hoxton
9 St John the Baptist, New North Road, Hoxton
10 St Columba, Kingsland Road, Haggerston
11 St Chad, Nichols Square, Haggerston
12 St Mary, Brunswick Street, Haggerston
13 St Augustine, York Street, Haggerston
14 St Stephen, Goldsmith Row, Haggerston
15 St Mark, Old Street Road, Shoreditch
16 St Peter, Hoxton Square, Hoxton
17 St Michael, St Mark Street, Shoreditch
18 St Leonard, Shoreditch
19 Holy Trinity, Old Nichol Street, Shoreditch
20 St James, Curtain Road, Shoreditch
21 St Agatha, Finsbury Avenue, E.C.

Parish boundaries traced from "A map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the County of London, 1903" published by Edward Stanford of London, reprinted as a facsimile by the London Topographical Society. List from that map is of parishes within the rural deanery of Shoreditch in 1903. They are in the Archdeaconry of London, and Diocese of London. We have a list of other deaneries.

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[Map and list created by David Hawgood. 2003. Last updated 29 Jun 2008 by Andrew Millard.]

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