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mind map

rubik's cube.
furby- talks? dress it up?

tamagotchi- animation inside?
care bears, tmnt, my little pony.
ker-plunk- game?

under £1
cheap toys.

all one colour
all red toys? or blue?

types of toys:
building blocks
draw with crayons

dress up a doll
jigsaw puzzle
jack-in-the-box surprise

toy train
teddy bear

toy box
interactive- opens up to reveal toys.

strange toys
toys with a twist.
not what's expected.
sid from toy story...

who is it for?

young adults. nostalgia? toys with a twist- like sid in toy story?

what is it?

an interactive website about toys.

why do it?

hmmm...why not?!

how are you going to do it?

using flash. getting images from the web/photographs.

how do people interact with it?

toys are very interactive- flash games. animations. buttons.


the toy box says "enter"
click to open
next page shows what's inside
a selection of toys
but they are not what they seem

need a

week 6

flash banner