Economics of the European Union


Revised lecture and seminar programme 2001-2

Page revised 20/11/01
Date Lecture Seminar Seminar presenter
2/10/01 Comparative advantage
9/10/01 Barriers to trade (1) Comparative advantage n/a
16/10/01 Barriers to trade (2) Comparative advantage n/a
23/10/01 Common Agricultural Policy Barriers to trade (exercises) n/a
30/10/01 Beyond comparative advantage (1) How to give a seminar Julian Wells
6/11/01 Reading week
13/11/01 Beyond comparative advantage (2) CAP Tasneem Choudhury
20/11/01 Competition and industrial policy (1) Revision: theory of the firm Julian Wells
27/11/01 Competition and industrial policy (2) Beyond CA James Ellis
4/12/01 Theories of integration Competition and industry Mark Bukenya
11/12/01 1992: the Single Market Theories of integration Ray Tsoi
8/102 EMU (1): UK balance of payments Single Market Peter Borisov
15/1/02 EMU (2): Maastricht Treaty Revision: Phillips curve Julian Wells
22/1/02 EMU (3): optimum currency areas EMU (1) Sadia Chowdhury
29/1/02 Social Europe (1): labour market EMU (2) Reema Choudhury
5/2/02 Social Europe (2): policy harmonisation EMU (3) Nadia Jones
12/2/02 Reading week
19/2/02 Environment Social Europe (1) Andrew Gyau-Awuah
26/2/02 Energy Social Europe (2) Hing Po Lam
5/3/02 Reserve against contingencies Environment Petia Vassileva
12/3/02 Revision Energy Paul Bush
19/3/02 Revision Revision n/a
30/4/02 Revision Revision n/a

Revised topics for EMU seminars
22/1/02 EMU (1) Sadia Chowdhury Assess the claim that joining the European single currency while sterling is strong would be disastrous for British industry.
29/1/02 EMU (2) Reema Choudhury "The Maastricht criteria for membership of a single European currency enforce convergence on monetarist policies." Discuss.
5/2/02 EMU (3) Nadia Jones "Optimum currency area theory is about labour markets, not money." How far is this assertion justified?