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Bob and Roberta Smith and the LCCA present,

in collaboration with I.D.E.A.London at the ICA:



Sunday 5th June 12 – 10.00 pm

ICA The Mall, London, SW1

Bob & Roberta Smith


set up the Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA)

to extend their practice and get their idiom of ‘Make

your Own Damn Art’ to the masses.



Jaime Gili's posters

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For one day only LCCA, in collaboration with I.D.E.A.London will curate a day of exhibitions, events and performances at the ICA.


“The Art World can seem like a huge bureaucracy what with the Arts Council and all its forms; the etiquette of trying to approach a gallery with your art; the amount of functionaries that purport to offer opportunities yet seem to act as gate keepers to visibility. In post bureaucracy a new generation of artists has been asked to reflect on all the roles of the gallery and devise new ways in which the public can be engaged in Art more directly.”

Flyer for event, signed by Bob and Roberta Smith, in the signing tent. now officially a Bob and Roberta Smith Artwork

Bob Smith performance

Bob Smith performance



Rusty Bucket

Rusty Bucket



Beth in Vitrine

Beth in Vitrine



Optimising Art Opportunities

Optimising Art Opportunities


Bob Smith and Victor Mount

Bob Smith perf



Bob Smith perf

Bob Smith perf


LCCA April 2005


There will be activities throughout the building all day including:

  • Fred and Greg performances, on the hour every hour:

  • Charlotte Young – Public crits. on LCCA artists’ work

  • The Centre for Pharmaceutical Arts.

  • Optimising Art Opportunities

  • Artists Signing table, get your own personally
    signed ‘work of art’

  • Tipos Moviles: A poster based project by Jaime Gili 
    and Fundacion la Llama with works by 14 UK artists 
  • Die Kunst, Victor Mount, Bob Smith, Rust Bucket and The Bleeps, Performances after 7:30pm

  • And much, much more!


Artists include:

Bob & Roberta Smith 

Charlotte Young

Daniel Shaw-Town

Dennis Walker

Fred Lindberg

Gregory Sodergren

Jaime Gili

Jon Klein

Matthew Johnstone

Mike Dawson

Remy La Mont

Victor Mount


O.A.O. (Optimising Art Opportunities)
Daniel Shaw-Town and Matthew Johnstone interview potential new members of
OAO during the LCCA day at the ICA.

Jon Klein at work


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