Literary London: Interdisciplinary studies in the representation of London

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Keynote Speakers

Professor Chris Jenks, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Professor Sukhdev Sandhu, Columbia University


(This list is still being updated and is subject to amendment)

Stream 1 (Friday)

Renaissance London

Dan Lochman		"Citizen Colet: Privilege of Place in Early Tudor London" 
Tracey Hill		'The Cittie is in an uproare': staging London in The Booke of Sir 
			Thomas More

Early Modern London

Rebecca Beale		1599: London's Prisons on London's Stages
Richard Rowley		'Rich in apes': The London Street in 1590s Verse Satire
Stanley Wells		Thomas Dekker and London

Eighteenth-Century London I

Alison Stenton		'Sometimes I think a man should not live more than he can record':  
			How Urban Travelling Composes a Life in James Boswell's London 
			Journal (1762-63)
Markman Ellis		Coffee-house critics: the sociability of literary criticism in the
			early-eighteenth century
Jack Lynch		Johnson's London

Eighteenth-Century London II

Dawn M. Vernooy-Epp	Living the Good Life in a Consumer-Driven Society: 
			Late Eighteenth-Century Vauxhall and the Pastoral Mode
J. Nathaniel Goldsmith	"The Promiscuity of Print: Revisiting John Clare's London"
Nora Nachumi		Fiction and Fact: Fances Burney, Jane Austen, and the representation
			of London
Norma Clarke		Bloomsbury before Bloomsbury

Stream 1 (Saturday)

Eighteenth-Century London III

Richard Coulton		A Society of Gardeners: Writing and Gardening in Eighteenth-Century 
Sharon Harrow		London and Libertinage in Richard Cumberland's The West Indian 
Paul Collins 		Hogarth and Fielding herald "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless

Jacobean London and beyond

Amanda Penlington		"Here in the 'friars" Ben Jonson's London: The City as Comedy
Tanya Pollard		City Comedy, Old Comedy: Ben Johnson's Aritophanic Theatre
D.J. Hopkins		The Boredom of King James: The space of early modern London in 	
			performance and print
Rachel Ramsey		"One of the Greatest Glories and Ornaments of London": The Literary 
			Rebuilding of the Royal Exchange


Elizabeth Sheehan		A Flâneuse on Oxford Street: The Female Shopper in Virginia 
			Woolf's "Street Haunting"
Peta Mayer		The Flâneur as Romantic Peripetia in Anita Brookner's Undue 
Simon Hull		The Incapacitated Flâneur: Charles Lamb's 'Confessions' and the 
			Urban Essay
Jarrad Keyes		Of Voyeurs and Psychopaths: Traversing London

Stream 2 (Friday)

Victorian London

Elena Petrova		"And I saw the Holy City": London Prophecies in Charles Dickens and 
			George Eliot
Paul Dobraszczyk		Dialectic of Construction/Destruction: Picturing London's Sewers, 
Emma Francis		Bloomsbury Before Bloomsbury: the 1880s

Poverty and the Discourse of Shame

Ashlie Sponenberg		Women Walking in London: Gender, Poverty and Modernity in Storm 
			Jameson's Interwar Urban Writing
Mary Bell			Dickens, Victorian Phrenology and the London Landscape: 
			Topographies of Shame
Miles Kimball		London through Rose-Colored Graphics: Textual and Visual Rhetorics 
			of Poverty in Dickens, Mayhew, and the Two Booths


Lisa Zunshine		The Spectral Hospital
Lynn Wells		Dead People in London: Spectral Life in Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway,
			Spark's The Hothouse by the East River and Self's How the Dead Live
Anna Bogen		Mapping the Ghostly City: Cambridge, London and A Room of One's 
Samantha Matthews	Death and the city: the necropolis trope in London writing

London and Empire

Anna Snaith		'A Savage from the Cannibal islands': Jean Rhys and London
Eleni Loukopoulou		James Joyce, London, and Empire
Joan Arbery		Conrad's London: Searching for Bodies in The Secret Agent

Stream 2 (Saturday)

London and Theatre

Don Bewley		A Parade of London Theatres for a Metastasio's Impresario
Tony Williams		Nineteenth-century theatre and the growth of the city
Trish Reid		Nineteenth-Century London and the Popular  Stage 

A Child's London

Adrienne Gavin		"If you want to get through London fast in the middle of 
			the day, it wants a deal of practice": Black Beauty's Equine London.
Liz Thiel			From Shoreditch to Eaton Square: Portraits of Victorian 
			Childhood in the Work of Georgina Castle Smith
Lori M. Campbell		Imagining J.K. Rowling's London: Geography, Culture, and Identity in 
			the Harry Potter Books
Richard Burke		The Center at the Edge: London in Children's Fantasy Novels

Modernist Spaces

Drew Milne		Modernism v. neo-modernism: Ford Maddox Ford's The Soul of 
			London and Allen Fisher's Brixton Fractals
Iman Javadi		"La città dolente or Civitas Dei? Cities of Darkness and of Light in 
			T.S.Eliot and Italian Futurism"
Eman Karmouty		The Woolf Horizon

Stream 3 (Friday)

London in Wartime

Kristine Miller		London is Burning: Firemen in Fiction and Film of the Blitz
LJ Coffey			Claustrophobia and enclosure in the Capital: 
			wartime	disruption of the public sphere in Patrick Hamilton's
			Hangover Square
Gail Cunningham		The War of the Worlds and Suburbia
Gary Thompson		Thomas Pynchon's evocation of London in Gravity's Rainbow

The War and After

Anne Rowe		"An area of perpetual seedy brouhaha":The Post Office Tower in Iris
			Murdoch's The Black Prince
Céline Magot		Elizabeth Bowen's London: an Impression of the City
Phyllis Lassner 		"The Political Shadows of Rebecca West's London"

London Irish/Irish London

John O'Donoghue		J.M. O'Neill: Laureate of the London Irish
Amy E. Martin		"Fenian Fever": Representing mid-Victorian London as Terrorized
Patrick Johnstone		The Anglo-Irish representation of London in the 1930s in 
			Murphy by Samuel Beckett and The Death of the Heart by
			Elizabeth Bowen

Literary Mappings I

Efraim Sicher		"By Underground From Crystal Palace to Senate House: A Dystopian 
John Stotesbury		Sequential Londons: Reading Metropolitan Space in Orwell's Pre-War
Ged Pope			The Suburb

Stream 3 Saturday

Literary Mappings II

Angharad Saunders	Representing London: spatial biographies and the geography of
Marzena Kubisz		A Nomad in the City. Space and Gender in Howards End by E.M 
Ken Smith		In the Stone Forest: The London of J.B.Priestly's Angel 
Amy Spencer		The Stranger on the Street: Representations of the Individual in 
			London's Literature

Literary Mappings III

Maurice Bottomley		Low Life: Soho Night Clubs in Fiction and Autobiography
Paul March-Russell		J.F. Hendry and the Ruins of London
Ralph Parfect		London Blogging: Weblog Culture and Urban Lives 

London in Contemporary Fiction I

Garrett Ziegler		The Ballad of the Shaandaar Café: Global and Local Capitalism in 
			Rushdie's London
Martin Myers		Going to War: London as symbol and metaphor in Rogue Male
Robert Morace		London Fiction at the Millennium

Stream 4 (Friday)

The Lonely Londoners

Rebecca Dyer		Caribbean Yard Culture and Gossip in Sam Selvon's The Lonely 
Lewis MacLeod		"On the Surface, Things Don't Look So Bad": Immigrant 
			"Englishness" and the Mythic Metropolis in Sam Selvon's The 
			Lonely Londoners
Deirdre Osborne	  	Sam Selvon's Legacy and Contemporary Black British Writers'
			Representations of London

London in Contemporary Fiction II

Inga Bryden		Monstrous Metropolis
Katy Gordon 		London and Memory: W. G. Sebald's Austerlitz
Paul Newland		Christ Church, Spitalfields: The Impact of Narratives on Urban Space 
			and Urban Space on Narratives

London in Contemporary Fiction III

Susie Thomas		Postwar London Novel: Literary Apartheid?
Zia Gluhbegovic		London in the intertextual web of Martin Amis's London Fields
Lia Blaj			The designs of Mrs Noah

Multicultural London

Alev Adil 			Mapping  female Arab identities onto  London: Hanan al-Shaykh's 
			Only in London and Ahdaf Soueif's In the Eye of the
Sharae Deckard		"Temporary Residents": Time, Diaspora and the City-Space in Romesh 
			Gunsekera's The Sandglass
Will Montgomery		Fractalising the Front Line: Brixton in the poetry of Allen Fisher 
			and Linton Kwesi Johnson, 1975-1985

Stream 4 (Saturday)

Cosmopolitan London

Andy Wood		'Babylon's Burning': Representations of Black London in Franco 
			Rosso's Babylon
Deepak N. Sawhney 	Right as Rain: London and the Narrative of Immigrant Suburbia 
K. C. Bindu		"Seeing Many Londons": The Complexity of the Gaze of the Victim of 

Sinclair, Ackroyd, and Moorcock I

Alex Murray 		Rebuilding Jerusalem: Evaluating the Blakean Legacy in Sinclair and 
Gaye Taylor		The Politics of Poverty: Continuity and Causation in the London of 
			Peter Ackroyd
Kirsten Seale		Eye-swiping London: Iain Sinclair, Photography and the Flâneur

Sinclair, Ackroyd, and Moorcock II

Myriam Perregaux		London between myth and history: A comparison of Hawksmoor
			and Mother London
Robert Bond		"Servant to the Stars": Iain Sinclair's Essay Form
Doris Bremm		"The Identity of a City: Temporality and Intertextuality in Peter 
			Ackroyd's London: The Biography"

Stream 5 (Saturday)

London in Contemporary Fiction IV

Susan Alice Fischer	Contemporary Lesbian London Narratives
Stefania Ciocia		"Journeying against the current": a carnivalesque theatrical 
			apprenticeship in Sarah Waters's Tipping the Velvet
Sebastian Groes		Kicking the Dog Will do: J.G. Ballard's Peripheral Vision of London

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