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Guide to submission


We welcome submissions on any aspect of the representation of London in literature but also of work in in cognate disciplines that will contribute to readings of London. These subject areas might include readings of London in history, drama, film, geography, art history, architecture, urban sociology, painting and engraving, etc.

Submission Procedure

Articles submitted should not exceed 5,000 words and be presented to generally accepted academic standards. Preferred style formats include MLA, MHRA and Chicago. We would prefer that articles are submitted as email attachments, but if a document is too large it may be submitted by post to the address below. A copy of the essay must be provided on floppy disk. The use of illustrations (paintings, photographs, engravings, etc.) is encouraged, but the writer must take responsibility for securing any copyright permission prior to publication. You must state specifically that these clearances have been obtained.

Editorial Processes

Literary London is a peer reviewed journal, submissions to Literary London are read in traditional double-blind fashion, critiqued, and subsequently either returned to the author for revision or accepted for publication. In the case of disputed articles, the readers unable to come to a consensus, the article will be read by an additional reader and then, again, decided upon for publication. Once accepted, the article will appear in the next available issue.

Once the decision for inclusion is made the author is contacted by a member of the editorial board who will then act as supervising editor in the revision of the article (if so needed). Articles accepted for publication are done so under the following conditions: 1) If the article has not appeared in English previously, the article will not appear in publication before its publication in Literary London. 2) The author of said article is responsible for any and all legal complaints made against the work, and is thus financially responsible for any legal actions. 3) Any subsequent publication of the article, in any form, must acknowledge its earlier publication in Literary London.

All submissions and submission queries should be written care of, or by post to:

Literary London Journal,
Department of English,
Liverpool Hope University College,
Hope Park,
L16 9JD.

Telephone: +44 0151 291 3560

FAX +44 0151 291 3160

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