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Current and recent one-off lectures

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (STACS 10 Oct 2017; this year) Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (STACS 11 Oct 2016; last year) Quantitative Research Methods in Social Work (13 Oct 2016)
Decision chart for statistical tests with 2 variables Choosing a test - exercise Answers

Materials for selected current courses

Goldsmiths Graduate School: Core Quantitative Methods

Module Guide

All other materials are on learn.gold, although some are also duplicated on this page.

Statistics Clinics for Third Year Psychology students

For the time being, please contact me on my college email (m.griffiths)

Miscellaneous materials


Computer booklet - SPSS etc

Example datasets for use with Computer Booklet
Multiple Regression (MR1):  MR1.sav Questionnaire dataset:  Start   Screened and totalled   Screened and categorised

Microsoft Excel

Graphs in MS Excel (old versions)   Graphs in MS Excel (2007 - 2010)   Graphs in MS Excel (2013)  

Statistical tables

Areas under the normal distribution

Statistical simulations

(First one requires macros to be enabled; second requires Excel 2010 or later)
Two samples under the null hypothesis Power