Experiencing Communities - Group Project


When we came to reevaluate the site we noticed that there was not that much wrong with the original site. Rather it suffered from having not enough content while each member of our group had worked out ideas separately. For the new site we developed some of the ideas that had been thought of but not exploited in the original work.

The homepage of the new site references the stripes seen on the zebra crossing as a means of connecting both sides of the river. In our site it references the connection between the Italian and London community. This idea is further developed when you enter the site. This page uses the circle (community symbol). Firstly the circle is used as a moving button to navigate the site. These buttons were inspired by the notion of people queing. When you click the buttons a circle develops in the middle of the page. This references the Parthenon.

One of the problems we found with the site was that their navigation system was a bit too deep ie you had to click several links to get to a desired location. Our design is an attempt to address this problem, by dividing the site into different areas with different backgrounds and different links. We think it would provide a clearer navigation path. We have fully linked the first two navigation buttons and the other buttons are provisionally linked.

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