A Sound Journey - Interactivity as Sensory Experience

This project was interesting as it involved the use of sound. We had not applied sound in any of the projects until now and it was a learning experience. This project got a reasonable reaction when assessed. While the handling of sound brought up various technical problems, we got some technical assistance which made the experience more worthwhile. While the brief specifies "audio prompts only", following comment at assessment and with further reflection I have decided that for the online portfolio, the site would benefit from a visual reference. While the original has no visual reference further than a grid, for the reevaluated version the site gives a pictorial representation of the various buttons. The visual is a map of the area specified (see statement). I attempted to further enhance the site by inserting image references for the individual buttons. This proved too much for my computer which was already crawling along. As I said earlier the .fla file already weighs in at an all-time personal record of 688 MB. It would have taken about two days to load the site with the tools to hand. I have therefore decided to place the images below not in alphabetic order and not necessarily in order of importance. Given more time, I would have placed these images beside their corresponding buttons which would have given a quite opposite effect from the original. For an interactive experience you could try opening this page and the reevaluated site together. Navigate the buttons and see if you can find the matching buttons on the site for each of the images on this page.

Edgar Froese Tangerine Dream Force Majeure Beethoven TS Eliot Philip Larkin
Stevie Smith Stevie Smith Philip Aaberg Miles Davis Miles Davis
Ashra Ashra Harold Budd Harold Budd/Brian Eno Harold Budd Lovely Thunder
MI5 Top Secret Thames Bela Bartok Tate