Pacific Asia Cultural Studies Forum
 Activities 2002-2003

14th November Discussion Group "Questions of Cultural Identity in Pacific-Asia"
Reference: Rob Wilson "Imagining 'Asia-Pacific': Forgetting Politics and Colonialism in the Magical Waters of the Pacific. An Americanist Critique" in Cultural Studies 14 (3/4) 2000, pp.562-92 
  21st November Lecture RE/MAP: a new form of fieldwork, art exhibition and experiencing the city in the age of globalization 
Lecturer: Dr. Yoshitaka MORI
12th December Discussion Group "Questions of Cultural Identity in Pacific-Asia"
16th January Seminar "Cultural Politics in the Age of Globalization: Reflections on the Growing Popularity of Contemporary Okinawan Music"
Speaker: Masashi Iwasa
24th February Lecture "Artists in Wonderland"--Film Screening & Talk by Director
Lecturer: Director Makoto SATO

Activities 2001-2002

  11th & 12th October Special Talks Talks on "Postcolonialism and the Cosmopolitan Imagination"
Speaker: Professor Arjun Appadurai (University of Chicago), Jean Comaroff [University of Chicago] and Dr. Achille Mbembe [University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa]
  1st November Seminar Contemporary Performance Methodologies in Japan
Speaker: Gekidan Kaitaisha
7th November Lecture Equality in the Consumer Market vs. Inequality in the Labour Market? --- the Gender Situation in Japan since 1970's
Speaker: Professor Teruko Inoue (Wako University / Institute of Education, University of London
14 November  Seminar The Bridge Between the East and the West: Creation or Imprisonment?
Speaker: Kiyoko Mitsuyama-Wdowiak & Yu-Cheng Chuang
22 November Seminar Global Culture, Audience and Transformative Identities
Speaker: Shaku Banaji & Jongmi Kim
30 January Special Talk Diaspora, memory, representation 
Seminar title: Captivating Japanese Canadian Images: Postcards of World War Two interment Camps
Speaker: Dr. Kirsten McAllister
1st March Seminar Not the end of history: Asian Democracy and the re-amalgamation of  (late)capitalism and authoritarianism
Speaker: Soek-Fang Sim
15 March Conference "Discrepant Fanatics: Different Experiences and Problems of Football"


Activities 2000-2001

  2nd February Seminar Title: Doing cultural studies in-between Asia and Britain:'Open up a dialogue: 
           Some reflections on the research experiences with PACSF'
 -- Hiroki Ogasawara (Sociology, Goldsmiths College)
           "Good, Bad or Stretched: Against a single narrative of alienisation 
             in the field of research"
 -- Soyang Park (Historical and Cultural Studies Department, Goldsmiths College)
           "The 'mystique(?)' - Forgetting and remembering in the new
            transnational Asian artists' networking in the year 2000"
 -- Kenichi Kondo (Independent Curator)
           "Curating the Art exhibition between Japan and Britain"
 -- Professor Sarat Maharaj (Historical and Cultural Studies Department,
                                                  Goldsmiths College)
17th February Special Talk Title: DuBois among the Asians
Speaker: Professor Homi Bhabha (University of Chicago) 
21st February Special Talk Title: The Postmodern Japanese Toilet in the Changing Spaces of Domestic Culture
Speaker: Dr. Allen Chun (CSD, University of Westminster)
14th March Seminar Title: Philosophy, culture and system of the subject.
 -- Claudia Tai (Historical and Cultural Studies Department, Goldsmiths College)
            "Nietzsche and Hermann Hesse"
 -- David Reggio (Historical and Cultural Studies Department, Goldsmiths College)
            "The complex processual, consistency of chaos, and the
             transversal mutation of phyla: Deleuze, Nietzsche, Guattari"
 -- Professor Howard Caygill (Historical and Cultural Studies,Goldsmiths College)
21st March Seminar Title: Dance, globalisation and identity
 -- Rie Karatsu (University of Sheffield) 
Commentator :
 -- Dr. Lesley Cooper (Sociology, Goldsmiths College) 
10th May  Seminar Title: 'Copyright,  Internet,  Fandom  and  Globalisation'
 -- Bertha Chin (Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College)
                'Virtual Communities and Fandom'
 -- Gregor Claude (Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College)
                'Beyond Copyright: Culture Industries and Digital Media'
 -- Neil Rae (Media and Communication, Goldsmiths College)
                'Global Links to Japan: Copyright, Manga and Globalisation from Below'
 -- Prof. Scott Lash (Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College)
1st June Seminar Title: "Media, Politics and the Public Sphere in Transitional China"
 -- Shih-Diing Liu (Centre for Communication and Information Studies, 
                                      University of Westminster, 
                                       Former Journalilst at China Times, Taipei)
                  "Rethinking Localism in Taiwan"
 -- Wei Shi (Department of Media and Communications, 
                                       Goldsmiths College, University of London,
                                       Former Journalist at China Central Television, Beijing)
                  "The Relationship between the Media and the Public Sphere in China"
 --Carol Pui-Yee Lai (Department of Media and Communications, 
                                      Goldsmiths College, University of London,
                                      Former Chairperson at Hong Kong Journalists 
                    "British Administration and the Hong Kong Press"
Commentator: Professor James Curran
                                    [Department of Media and Communications, 
                                     Goldsmiths College, University of London,
22nd June Workshop Title: Talking about Japanese body
 -- Takeshi Arimoto (Research student of Sociology, Goldsmiths College)
                       "Let's talk about the body from non-Western experiences:
                              Japanese bodies, Imperial powers"
 -- Dr. Les Back (Sociology, Goldsmiths College)
6th July Special Event Title: "Imagining a homeland: nation, gender, cinema" 
Screening & Talk 
 --  Professor Soyoung Kim (Department of Film and Multimedia 
                             at the Korean National University of the Arts. )
               "Koryu: Southern Women, South Korea" 
                (76min / colour / documentary /2001/ S.Korea/ dir. Kim Soyoung)
                 *Opening film in 2001 Seoul Women's Film Festival
 -- Professor Robert Chen (Department of Motion Picture 
                              in National Taiwan College of Arts.)
              'The Imagery and Imagination of Chineseness in 
               "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"'