Pacific Asia Cultural Studies Forum 
2002-2003 Spring Term Lecture

"Artists in Wonderland"
--Film Screening & Talk--

Director Makoto SATO

Chaired by:
Dr Yoshitaka MORI
(Associate Professor at Kyushu University)

Date & Time: 24th February (Monday) 17:00-19:30
Venue: MB143, Goldsmiths College

[Synopsis] This is a film about seven artists. It's also a film about seven people who are mentally disabled. In the course of this touching film, we discover how art may provide a route to the human interior.
  SATO zeros in on the creative genius of people who we usually relegate to the social margins for their "non-productivity." Shot over an eight-month period, and that after extensive research, the film strings together one subtle, special moment . The director of photography is TASHIMA Seizo, a painter who has long collaborated with disabled artists.
  Any film on art needs such understated, yet brilliant, photography in order to defer to the talent of the subjects... (Find more at:

[Profile of Director Makoto SATO] From 1989, he began living communally in the mountains of Niigata with a shooting staff of seven for “Living on the River Agano” which he directed and completed in 1992. He won numerous prizes among them the Ministry of Education’s New Artist Award. In 1998, his work, "Artists in Wonderland" was exhibited. He continues to produce, direct and edit a number of films and TV programs. He currently lives in London supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan.
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