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The International Institute for Asian Studies

The main objective of the IIAS is to encourage Asian Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (the alpha and gamma sciences: ranging from linguistics and anthropology to political science, law, environmental and developmental studies) and to promote national and international scientific co-operation in these fields. ....

Transnational Communities Programme

Research into the dynamics of transnational communities must be approached from inter-disciplinary perspectives. ... Research will be contracted within four areas:
1. NEW APPROACHES TO MIGRATION  (Comparative Diasporas /Transversal Migration/Refugees and Asylum-Seekers )   2. ECONOMICS (Global Economic Networks /Transnational Corporations (TNCs) /Transnational Household/Strategies)  3. POLITICS (Global Political Networks /City, Region, National and Supra-National Policies / Gender/Communities and Power )  4. SOCIETY AND CULTURE (Social Forms and Institutions /Cultural Reproduction and Consumption /Transnational Religious Communities ) ...


JCA-NET dedicate its efforts to provide networking tools for NGOs and social movements, working closely with the AsiaLink, an Asian wide NGOs information & e-mail networks and is also a member node of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC Networks) in Japan (since October, 1998). 

Cultural Studies Forum

Monthly seminar, mailing list of interdisciplinary studies under the name of Cultural Studies.