University EEG-Neurofeedback Training Courses
Goldsmiths, University of London
Expression of Interest Questionnaire

The Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London is considering establishing training courses in EEG-Neurofeedback which would provide a University of London qualification. In order to assist with planning we are seeking an expression of interest from potential participants. If this might interest you, please complete this questionnaire.

Personal Information

Participant groups you work with:
Which interventions do you use?
University Qualifications:
Other relevant qualification(s):
EEG-neurofeedback training:

A) Options

1) Diploma involving one year distance learning together with residential vacation-time hands on training and Halls of Residence accommodation
2) Diploma involving lectures and weekend hands on training
3) Masters degree full time for one academic year
4) Masters degree part time over two years

B) NF areas of desired training qualification:

1) technical
2) clinical
3) educational
4) optimal performance

C) Would you consider studying for a qEEG qualification?

Yes     No     Maybe

D) Would you like equipment specific courses?

Yes     No     Maybe

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