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  • CIS326

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  • Computer Security CIS326

    This is a level three half-unit course for the BSc Computing and Information Systems programme. It aims to serve as an introduction to some of the aspects of computer security.

    One of the major purposes of computers is the generation, storage and communication of information. How do we keep this information secure and intact but still available to genuine users? How do we know that hackers are attempting to get into our computer system, and how can we prevent them? How can we design a security system which is user friendly, yet secure against attack?

    This course will introduce you to some important techniques of computer security, including access control and identification, encryption using symmetric and public key cryptography, key management, and security for electronic mail.

    Following are links to the slides used in the lectures. However, PLEASE DO NOT treat the slides as a replacement for the study guide. If you miss a lecture you need to work through the relevant pages of the study guide and any other recommended reading for that week.


    There will be a revision lecture on Wednesday 27th April 1-3pm in Room 142. Come to this prepared with questions that you want to ask me. You will get much more out of the revision lecture if you have already revised and ask specific questions rather than "could you just go through cryptography again..." type questions. There are links to last years exam paper and solutions in week 10 below. Have a go at these questions. There are also two practice exam papers at the back of the study guide. I will go over the non-bookwork parts of these in the revision lecture. For extra practice here is a Mock Exam Paper. Remember that this year there are five questions on the exam paper and you have to answer any three of them. There is no compulsary section this year. Assume however that all of the course (all of the topics in the study guide) will be covered at some point in the exam. Topics you should revise include: