Rob Davis

Painting With The Eyes

This project (with Dr Karina J Linnell) was an experiment to develop a human computer interface using an eye tracker for the purpose of rendering artistic images in a more spontaneous fashion than might occur using a traditional approach. The system consisted of a EyeLink II eye tracker together with data projector and monitor, application software was written to track the participants eye in real-time and render a simple image showing the history of the eye movements, real-time display gave feedback to the participant on a monitor, while the data projector showed the image as it was developed to a small audience. Participants were able to use their eye motion to sketch an imagined figure on the screen. Participants were a mixture of ages, some artists, others not. The experiment was reasonably successful some found drawing the image to be natural and fluid, while others found attempts to render a cohesive image next to impossible. The quality of image was particularly sensitive to the calibration, drift being the most problematic.