Capture RANKOR!!!

Torture RANKOR!!!


1. Natural Habitat:

Rankor rests on leaf

Unsuspecting Rankor drinks to relax

Rankor is aware of danger! Hold me, I'm scared!

2. Interrigation:

The pointy finger of certain torture is not enough

3. Light Torture:

Limbs can be removed Rankor

Rankor breaks free but is run over!

Ohh the shame, used as a sheep taxi

4. Medium Torture:

Confess lizard!

Sucking the truth from Rankor proved difficult, oo-err!

The electric socket of electricity in action

DROWN bastard reptile!, (this did not work)

The rabid cat of unquestionable death feeds on Rankors face

5. Heavy Torture:





Cutting, none of these worked :-(

6. DEATH!!!

It turns out just a simple pin did the trick!