Macromedia Flash Workshops

Tom Bandy

Should you want to ask questions via MSN Messanger, my hotmail address is , I'll try to answer any questions there and then. Please don't send email to this though becuase I don't check it, send email to my goldsmiths address at the top of this page and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Workshop times:

18th Febuary 2004 1pm until 5pm download files what we did
25th Febuary 2004 1pm until 3pm download files what we did
3rd March 2004 2pm until 4pm download files what we did
10th March 2004 2pm until 4pm    

Work covered during these workshops will be uploaded onto this page as they are completed.

Links to sites with usefull information on learning Flash:

Macromedia Macromedia Flash Developer Center One of the best Flash resources on the internet. Lots of actionscript tutorials.'s Flash pages Tutorials and and help forums, nice site as well
Webmonkey Webmonkeys Flash pages